Why We Exist

The Australian construction industry is indisputably our nation's deadliest sector; accounting for a staggering 22% of all Australian business insolvencies each year.

That's real businesses - real people - going under every single day.

These people are responsible for the keystone of our modern society - that is, the built environment; every Australian is so deeply dependent on it.

The houses that shelter us; the schools that educate us; the hospitals that care for us; the stadiums that entertain us; the infrastructure that powers us – all a direct result of the hardworking people within our industry.

We saw the need for immediate change.

Our mission: Empower those who build for us using the collective knowledge, resources and capabilities within our team to fortify their business and secure a positive future for our nations construction industry.

Our Vision

A higher operational standard throughout the construction industry to drive down insolvency rates Australia-wide.

Our Values

To hold ourselves to the utmost standard, we operate in alignment with five core values that we believe are critical to both our success and that of our clients… these being:

  • Service Matters. Above all else. The rendering of personal service to do the most good in all that we do will be our legacy.
  • We are one Team. Together we achieve more. More for our clients. More for us. More for our industry.
  • Craftmanship. Being mediocre doesn’t cut it. Having moments of brilliance is not good enough. Mastering the fundamentals is the starting point, continuous high performance is our expectation.
  • Use good Judgement. We think. We discuss. We consider. We do what’s right for all.
  • We like Simple. The best things in life are simple. There is elegance and sophistication in simple. We believe business is simple if you make it that way.

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