How Do You Stack Up Against Our Business Scorecard?

Our Business Scorecard is the simplest, yet most comprehensive way for you to gain a complete insight – from both a granular and holistic perspective – into how your trade or civil business is currently performing to detail EXACTLY where your organisation is excelling and/or lacking.

Advancing your construction business towards a higher operational standard requires accurate identification of your company’s strengths and weaknesses.

Undertaking this assessment will enable you to plan and lay out the strategic roadmap for you and your business moving forward – giving you the edge necessary in today’s competitive business environment.

This exercise is NOT about being perfect, no company is perfect. This exercise is about assessing – honestly and objectively – whether or not your operation is structured for success – without the overwhelm.

How does this scorecard work? Well we have broken down a construction business into 8 critical functions, namely:

  • Finding Work
  • Winning Work
  • Project & Service Delivery
  • Safety Management
  • Plant & Equipment Management
  • Company Administration
  • Financial Management
  • Company Management

Beneath each of these functions is a list of processes and tasks that we’ve deemed necessary in building a truly successful operation.

Within the scorecard, we assess (1) how many of these processes your business is performing; (2) the number of documented systems in place for each process; (3) how many the owner/director personally performs; and (4) how well YOU judge the performance of each of the processes within your operation.

Upon completion, a Semian Score for your business will be generated, giving you both an honest and realistic overall view of your business as it currently sits.

To ensure our scorecard delivers the greatest impact for you and your business, we’ve added complimentary bonus material that will both simplify the analysis process and help provide clarity on what your immediate next actions are.

These being:

  1. Video Walkthroughs – a run-through to deliver clear and precise instructions on how to interpret and complete the scorecard.
  2. A Spreadsheet Calculator – automating the calculations within the scorecard to accelerate the result generation process.
  3. 1-Page Business Roadmap Builder – this roadmap gives you complete clarity of where you want go and the structure of how you're going to get there.

To gain access to our Business Scorecard and the supporting bonus material, fill in your details below and we’ll get in touch shortly to organise delivery.

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