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The Semian Partners team are comprised of financial, technical and trade professionals with over three decades of experience in the construction, property and finance industries. We believe harnessing different problem-solving styles through varying knowledge processes and perspectives is what enables us to provide strong solutions and strategies irrespective of the complexity of the problem. 

Neil Stephens

Neil has extensive experience in advising shareholders, senior management, businesses and organisations; as well as being a board member for companies across a range of industries, including those engaged in the property, technology, manufacturing, education and finance sectors. His advice has covered developing and growing businesses, enacting change, acquisitions, senior management development, debt and equity financing/funding and property development.

Neil’s experience includes, but is not limited to:

  • Company and Board Advisor to public and private companies like Riverside Marine, Velocity Property Group, Starboard Holdings, ICDL, etc.
  • COO and CFO of Springfield City Group (formerly Springfield Land Corporation) who were the master developers of the entire 7,067-acre Greater Springfield land parcel.
  • Held Executive roles in the UK at Ernst & Young, KPMG, British Telecom and Reuters, specialising in Corporate Finance, M&A and Business Development.

Slight addiction to coffee and red wine, maintains rugby (union) is still the game they play in heaven, enthusiastic (but distinctly average) golfer.

Warren Peachey

Warren has over three decades of experience in electrical infrastructure - engineering design and construction with strong expertise in operational performance, works and program management. 

Warren's experience includes, but is not limited to:

  • Director of a High-Voltage (HV) electrical infrastructure contracting business. Warren is known as a leading expert within South-East Queensland for large customer connections and commercial/industrial HV substation projects. 
  • In a previous role working for Energex, Warren was responsible for managing major Distribution Electrical Engineering Design & Construction projects across South East Queensland, also implementing business processes and ERP systems company-wide. 
  • SAI Global Accredited ISO Internal Business Systems Auditor (Management Systems Auditing). 

20 year retired Taekwondo black belt often found within two spectrums: either on the lounge deep within a book (non-fiction of course) or out exploring natural environments (as long as he’s back in time for wine and cheese).

Candice Ryan

Candice is an experienced construction project and contracts administrator, corporate communications and SME business systems implementation specialist. 

Candice’s experience includes, but is not limited to:

  • Administration and compliance consultant to a range of civil, directional drilling and electrical infrastructure businesses.
  • Tender writing and Safety and compliance documentation - Bachelor of Creative Industries (Interdisciplinary). Maj. Corporate Writing & Editing - Min. Journalism.
  • Analysing and implementing smart business administration systems and cloud software solutions for the construction industry (project management, digital forms, etc.)

Self-confessed lover of lists and all things organisation. Fuelled by coffee and a love of the great outdoors, she spends her spare time chasing her kids, cows, and building the ultimate off-grid lifestyle for her family.

Bayley Peachey

Bayley is an accountant – with a background in both electrical and civil construction - who specialises in business optimisation across marketing, sales proposal development, finance and operations. 

Bayley’s experience includes, but is not limited to:

  • Business process design, reengineering and optimisation within the construction industry; specifically, trade, civil and professional service businesses.
  • Accountant at 2nd tier accounting firm (business restructuring) – Bachelor of Commerce. Double Maj. Accounting & Finance.
  • Both in the trenches and business management level experience in High-Voltage (HV) substation work, road lighting projects and Underground Residential Development (URD) Subdivisions.

Avid beach goer and weekend warrior, eats too much Mexican food, subpar surfer with far too many boards to choose from.

Troy Larkham

Troy is a mechanical engineer who specialises in both business and sales process reengineering for trade, civil and professional service businesses, as well as a specialist industry market research and data analyst.

Troy’s experience includes, but is not limited to:

  • Academic researcher for optimisation and systems implementation at Queensland University of Technology – Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical), Min. Robotics/Artificial Intelligence & Computational Modelling.
  • Business process design, engineering and optimisation (sales, marketing, systems, etc.) and Integrated Business Management System (IBMS) developer for trade, civil and professional service businesses within the construction industry.
  • Mechanical Engineer at Brisbane-Based Civil Foundations Rigging Company.

Part-time cowboy and motorsport fanatic who loves country music, believes Corona and lime is Gods nectar and finds absolutely no satisfaction in mowing a lawn.

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