With A Trade Operation Between $2M and $10M, Our Tier Two Advisory Service Will Benefit You And Your Business Most.

Do the following three statements sound a little too familiar?

If they do, don’t worry – in our experience, you’re not alone. The large majority of trade businesses around your size are juggling similar issues:

  • You may be in the position of having some momentum, but your struggling to generate a consistent and steady stream of profitable work – and now, funding growth is becoming more and more difficult as the margins disappear and expanding operational costs rise;
  • You may be directly involved in most aspects of the business, having to constantly swap hats, put out fires and work a million hours to compensate; or
  • You may have some working systems, but they’re likely not robust, mostly ad hoc and need improvement for an expanding operation – perhaps unsure whether or not you’ll get the return needed after implementing more advanced integrated business systems.

These three statements are just a few of the many bottlenecks in business that our tier two advisory service can help resolve.

Our Solution

We deliver flexible and affordable board level leadership to trade businesses that don’t necessarily have the resources to facilitate executive talent full-time.

We consider ourselves a little different to the typical ‘in and out’ consultant that do a quick SWOT analysis and send you away with a complicated 50-page business plan, leaving you with a bucket load of information and little clue what to do with it.

We choose to invest the necessary time to sit, listen and really understand your business – because no one is going to know it more intimately than you.

So, whether it be assistance with overall company structure, finding and winning more work, financial modelling or improving owner/director compliance to mitigate risk and secure end-client relations.

We will work with you – bringing together a combination of unique skills, capabilities and toolsets – to outline exactly what you need to do and how you need to do it in simple, plain speak, and practical language (more often than not a single page of bullet points) regardless of the complexity of the problem at hand.

This is all about making the necessary changes fast without overwhelm, so we operate in quarterly sprints, focusing strictly on three critical areas of your business that require immediate attention.

You’ve managed the growth – there’s cash and there’s momentum, but now it’s time for you to look at building the right business model for your current situation.

There are many things to consider and many ways to go; the opportunities are out there, but it’s about identifying whether or not your operation is structured to pursue them, take them on and make a profitable return.

Could You Benefit From The Following?

Finding & Winning Work

  • Sales Process Engineering
  • Website Design & Impact - Market Segment Targeting
  • Conversion improvement
  • Commercial & Legal Management

Business Improvement

  • Business Evaluation & Modelling
  • Business Simplification
  • Systemisation/Business Automation
  • Operation Efficiency ("Creating Time")

Financial Management

  • Efficient Use Of Cash & Capital
  • Focus On Correct/Meaningful Metrics
  • Funding & Investment Appraisal
  • Systemisation, Control & Compliance

Company Management

  • Efficient Company Control
  • Performance Management
  • "Off-Balance Sheet"/Ad Hoc Skillsets
  • Owner/Director Compliance
  • Liability Management

Project Service & Delivery

  • Efficient Job Tracking & Reporting
  • Projects & Contracts Administration
  • Tender & Proposal Writing
  • Systems & Cloud Software Solutions


  • Safety & Compliance Documentation
  • Improving End Client Relations
  • Safety Management
  • Identify, Manage & Mitigate Risk
  • Reducing Real Costs

Interested In Finding Out How We Can Help You And Your Business?

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We look forward to hearing from you.

Neil Stephens 

Director - Semian Partners Pty Ltd 

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